Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I hope every body had a wonderful Christmas!! I know I did! It started at 4 o'clock in the morning. I couldn't sleep and we weren't allowed to go into the living room until 6. So I read for a while and when Jake woke up I went into his room. He was so exsited he was telling me all the things he wanted for Christmas, that list would never end. Katie woke up around 5:45 or so. She came over to were I was sitting, sat down on my lap, and went right back to sleep. Lol. She woke up again about five minutes later. 

 When it was finaly 6 my dad came to get us and we all went out. "Santa came!" Jake got "Up" and "Iron Man" video games, Katie got a HUGE bucket of barbies and barbie clothes, and I got a Glee karoke video game. (Which my family rocks at by the way.) After stockings we moved on to the presents. Candy, clothes, and toys gallore. We had a lot of fun opening presents. Haha.

 After presents we ate breakfast which consisted of ablescevers, jam, and powdered sugar. It was very good. After we ate we took showers, got food ready, and compromised on how many barbies could be taken to our cousins house we were off.

 At cousins house we opened more presents, ate good food, and played video games. We had lots of fun!!

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